Why is social distancing so important?

Right now the only way Covid 19 is spreading is from person to person. Since there are many people who don’t have symptoms, or have symptoms that appear to be something else, like a cold or cough, we don’t know who has it and who doesn’t. So to reduce the spread of it, we need to reduce the close contact we have with other people.

In many places schools, businesses, and events with large gatherings have been cancelled. But there’s more to social distancing than just avoiding big crowds. Social distancing means avoiding close contact with anyone who is not part of your immediate household, and that includes even in small groups.

This is hard, but many are finding other ways to stay close, without being physically close, like over the phone or online through video calls and conferences.

Even when social distancing it’s important to get exercise and fresh air, so if you have any outdoor space, go take a walk, hike, or ride a bike, and get fresh air when you can. You can do this and still keep your distance from others, and wear a face mask when you might be around other people, like on a public trail.

This is a lot to ask, we know. It means changing your life, your habits, and it’s normal to want to get back to normal. But this virus has no known effective treatment or cure, so the only way to prevent it and to limit the spread is to keep social distancing. This virus is easily spread, and while it may not even be noticeable in some, it can kill others, and if people stop social distancing too soon, more people will get sick and more people will die.

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