What will my delivery be like?

During your delivery you’ll be checked for fever and other symptoms of Covid 19 when you get to the hospital or birth center. Depending on where you live and if you have symptoms, you might also be tested for the virus. Even if you feel healthy, you should cover your nose and mouth with a cloth mask before going to the hospital. You can also expect to wear a mask during labor and delivery.

If you have Covid 19 when you go into labor, the doctors and nurses will take steps to protect others around you. For example, you will need to wear a medical mask if possible. You will probably still be able to have a vaginal birth, if that is what you planned. You don’t need a c-section just because you are sick.

If you’ve tested positive or are suspected positive for Covid 19, you might not be able to hold your baby until you get better. If you do hold your baby, you will need to wear a face mask to lower the risk of spreading the infection. You might need to take other precautions too, and while they may be hard remember, these precaution are to protect your baby.

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