What should I do if I have symptoms?

If you have a fever, cough, trouble breathing, or a combination of other Covid 19 symptoms, call your doctor or nurse. They’ll ask you about your symptoms, and about any recent travel, and if you’ve been in contact with others who have been diagnosed or have developed symptoms and might be sick. They’ll also ask you about your history, to rule out if your symptoms may be related to allergies, the flu, or other health conditions, and may have you get a test for the flu to rule it out.

If your symptoms aren’t severe, it’s best to call before you go in.

Many people with only mild symptoms should stay home and avoid other people until they get better. If your symptoms are severe or you’re very sick, you should go to the hospital or clinic. You should call ahead if you can to see if they have special precautions you should take and to let them be prepared for your arrival. Of course, if this is a medical emergency, you should call 9 1 1 for an ambulance.

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