Who should wear Medical Masks?

Anyone working in health care settings or serving as a caregiver for patients with or suspected of having Covid 19 should wear medical masks, or respirators, such as the N95 or FFP2 masks. They should also use other personal protective equipment (PPE) and heightened hygiene, such as social and physical distancing when possible, and frequent hand washing.

The following people should choose medical masks over non-medical masks:

  • Healthcare workers
    • Whenever possible, medical masks and respirators should be reserved for healthcare workers. They are the most exposed and are in regular, extended close contact with patients with or suspected of having Covid 19.
  • People who are sick and exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
    • People who are sick, even those who only have mild symptoms, should quarantine whenever possible, and wear a medical mask. This will help in keeping them from transmitting the virus to others and to surfaces. The virus is spread through coughing, sneezing, or even talking, and spread through droplets, which can come in contact with the faces and hands of others directly, or land on surfaces that are then touched by others.
  • Anyone taking care of a person at home who is sick with COVID-19
    • If you are in close frequent contact with someone who is sick with Covid 19, either as a caregiver or provider, as you are facing repeated exposure to the virus, the medical masks can help protect, somewhat. Again, it’s important to continue to practice as much social distancing, avoiding unnecessary physical contact whenever possible, and frequent hand washing, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing.

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