How can I help my child cope with stress and anxiety?

It‘s normal to feel anxious or worried about Covid 19. It’s also normal to feel stressed or lonely when you can’t do your normal activities or see friends and relatives. And it can be hard to manage jobs and school work when your family has to stay at home. This can all be particularly difficult on children who don’t fully understand what is happening and why.

You can help your child by:

  • Talking to them simply about Covid 19 and why “social distancing” is important
  • Limiting what they see on the news or internet
  • Finding activities you can do together
  • Staying in touch with friends and relatives through phone calls, video, or chats
  • Taking care of yourself, including eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise

Your child’s school might have resources to help your child learn from home. This can also be a good way to stay connected with teachers and classmates.

If your child is worried, you can remind them that most people don’t get severely ill or die from Covid 19. It might also help to remind them that by staying home, your family is helping to protect other people in your community.

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