What’s your risk of Covid-19?

Are you wondering what your risk is when planning events or outings?

This site provides interactive context to assess the risk that one or more individuals infected with COVID-19 are present in an event of various sizes. The model is simple, intentionally so, and provided some context for the rationale to halt large gatherings in early-mid March and newly relevant context for considering when and how to re-open. Precisely because of under-testing and the risk of exposure and infection, these risk calculations provide furher support for the ongoing need for social distancing and protective measures. Such precautions are still needed even in small events, given the large number of circulating cases.

This map shows the risk level of attending an event, given the event size and location (assuming 10:1 ascertainment bias). Click the image to go to the page and find your event risk level.

COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool
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